• LaToya Early

Season 2 Episode 36 - The Grinch

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

When You don't Heal HURT Will Turn You Into The Exact Person You were Hurt By

It's That Time of Year when it seems like the happier you are its always that 1 Grinch trying to ruin it! What if I told you that its not their fault and maybe your the reason the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas??

“The Tricky Thing about Hurting is that time can pass and you think your okay but in reality your entire world view has Changed because you haven't healed.”

The Power of Love is Literally is a Mirror for those who have been blinded by pain.

Be Cindy Lu Who

This Episode is about the people we label and allow to change our character. Meech Real talks about how we have an opportunity to build someone up or write them off and its all in how we React!! The Purpose of this show is the CHALLENGE you on how you respond to The Grinches in your life.... you never know... you might be the Cindy Lu Who they've been waiting for!

In other news: Lets Talks About Segment: 1. General Motors Lays off 14,000 people. 2. 10 of the Strangest Food served at Football Stadiums 3. Guess who wrote a Book....well a Chapter in a Book.

Meech Might Preach: Romans 12:9-16 Sincere Love Sermon (#Christmas #podcast #Grinch)

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