• LaToya Early

Livewith MeechReal Episode 35 - Uber Manners

Who Sets These Standards and Why Don't We Ask Any Questions ?

“I Got Killed By Someone wearing My Jersey and I don't know how to feel about that.” - Patrick Mahomes

Sometimes Accepting The Norm has invited Dysfunction into our Lives.

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Meech talks about how not being rated a 5 during his uber ride made him realize he may have bad manners!

Lets Talk About It Segment: [13:39] Patrick Mahomes' Tweets The Death of A Legend Podcasts You Gotta Hear: 1. Maximize Your Monday : www.cleanairmedia.us/maximize-your-monday

2. HopeChangers The Podcast: www.cleanairmedia.us/hope-changers-intl-llc www.hopechangersintl.org

Dear Mr. Christian Segment: [29:24] "Bad Company Ruins Good Manners!" Dear Mr. Christian Why Are You Guys SO Extreme? Why Can't we celebrate Halloween or enjoy other things....Why is everything a Sin with you people??

Meech Might Preach: [42:45]

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