• LaToya Early

Livewith MeechReal Episode 33 - Wait??! I'm The Villian ??

The Podcast That Wants to Challenge EVERYTHING but The Bible! ?

“"You Either DIE The Hero or Live long enough to See Yourself Become The Villian!"

Do You Take Responsibility for your Actions ... or is everything somebody else's fault? Are You Done Playing The Victim?

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This Episode is a journey into the thought process of the self righteous and the perspective of the humble??

Lets Talk About It Segment: [08:35] The Mega Million Winner! Sports :

Great Win By The Detroit Pistons & a 50 pt Game by Blake Griffin

Chris Paul & Rondo Spit, Scrap and Suspensions. Podcasts You Gotta Hear: 1. The Greater Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-greater-podcast/id1266741887?mt=2

2. The Queendom Hour: https://www.podcastdetroit.com/show/the-queendom-hour/

3. Maximize Your Monday : https://anchor.fm/maxmonday

Dear Mr. Christian Segment: [17:45] "What Has Been The Hardest Thing you've Dealt with since you've been a Christian."

Meech Might Preach: [46:56] Who Is The Real Hero Sermon

[Mark 10]

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